A focus on RESPECT, understanding, and successful resolution

The lawyer's job, in the end, is to get good results for our clients.  We believe, based on experience, that we can be effective while being kind and that we can achieve better results for our clients and our community through seeking mutually beneficial solutions.



We know that often the issues that bring you to us involve bad news or difficult situations and that when you come to us you may not be feeling your best. Even if it's happy news, a new home or a new business, you are navigating a sometimes daunting tangle of red tape and unfamiliar bureaucracy.   Our years of experience with a myriad of issues can help you through these experiences. 

In dealing with other parties to a dispute, being able to see where they are coming from is a valuable skill.  With a mind open to others' points of view, we're looking for mutually beneficial solutions that can save you time and money, as well as resolving the issues. 

And at the most mundane, sometimes it is just a matter of talking to the right person at the right agency or office in a way that makes that person happy to help us.  We find this is most often a far better and quicker way to get results than to huff and puff.




Resolution means two things to us. Long-term resolutions and the resolve to see a problem through. We are in the business of finding long-term solutions to our clients' issues--often that means more than a victory in court or a negotiation "won." A solution, in the long term, means future problems averted and underlying causes of conflict rooted out. 

We are not so foolish as to think that all problems can be solved with sensible suggestions and thoughtful attention--most perhaps, but not all. In cases where you have fight for your rights or where you have to show the strength of your position to get a reasonable accommodation, we are not scared of a conflict, we are uncowed by strong opponents, and we will fight for our clients.


We want you, the client, to understand the law and the legal framework forming the basis for resolution. We take the time to explain the law and the concepts behind it and pride ourselves on the ability to distill complicated legal theories into straightforward explanations. This can both relieve some of the anxiety of dealing with legal issues and can help us work together as a team to resolve issues.  

We also want to understand what is important to you and what you want from the representation.  We find understanding your point of view allows us to be better lawyers, better counselors, and better problem solvers.